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Taking Care of Large Breed Dogs


All dogs will never be the same, so it goes without saying that big dog breeds present totally different challenges; they have a whole different set of needs, requirements and health issues. There are two main areas in which large dog breeds have particular needs and those are nutrition and health issues; both factors are closely related.


Nutrition for Large Dog Breeds


One of the most crucial factors in taking care of large dog breeds is their nutrition. As the owner, you have to make sure that you provide the proper nutrition that the breed requires, taking account the physical build of the dog. Large breed dogs have specific dietary and nutrition requirements; regularly giving them food that doesn't provide the nutrition they need will likely result in health issues. Know about pet gear expedition pet stroller here!


Providing the perfect kind and amount of nutrition is incredibly crucial during the puppy and adolescent stages of the dog; it becomes the large dog's groundwork concerning their future health. In these critical stages, you have to give the proper ratio of protein, calcium as well as fat. Like we said, the food should be given in moderate portions; just like with people, too much food and lack of exercise is unhealthy.  When giving food, keep these factors in mind:


-The dog good must contain quality ingredients.

-Look for USDA approved, human-grade or natural ingredients.

-Search for vitamins, probiotics and minerals in the food.

-Provide a minimum of two sources of high-quality protein.


Most of the time, the itchy ears or skin as well as certain allergies of the dog can be caused by the food. What you may not know is that dog food allergies are common occurrences with any dog breed. Meanwhile, yeast infections are caused by a dietary imbalance or a negative reaction to specific dog food ingredients. To read more on the importance of knowing more about dog care, check out http://www.ehow.com/pets/dogs/.


Picking hypoallergenic dog food may eliminate all the mentioned health issues. So if you're thinking that your large breed dog might have developed allergies then you might want to take a closer look at their diet. After finally choosing the perfect dog food for your pet, it's also important to have a good look at the kind of bowl you gave them. As of now, there's no solid proof that elevated dog bowls can actually prevent canine bloat, elevated bowls can actually offer a much more comfortable meal set up for your big dog. Think about it, if your large breed dog or puppy eats from a raised dog bowl then they don't have to splay their front legs or bend at an awkward position just to eat. Purchase pet gear stroller here!